Cactus Restaurant

Location: Tacoma, WA

For Cactus’ first South Sound location, located at Madison25 in the Proctor neighborhood of Tacoma, our goal was to blend new, unique design elements with beloved existing characteristics of this established brand. A sophisticated design grounded in southwestern culture, including pueblos, native geometric patterns, and a rich palette of paprika and turquoise is a stark departure from typical Mexican restaurant aesthetic. The client’s love of old-world craftsmanship led our team to incorporate handmade touches designed by BCRA staff, such as tiles featuring the cactus flower and a dynamic stand-up rail and ledge made of steel that separates the bar from the dining room in an attractive, functional manner. Custom lighting was also provided by BCRA artists/designers. Intentional focus on outdoor dining, which is heated and covered for year-round use, integrates with the walkable street and creates a connection to the community. Inside, custom booths and tables of varying heights cater to all types of diner groups. The result of a collaborative design with the owner, Tacoma’s first Cactus is vibrant and eclectic, within brand but with a distinctive Tacoma flair.