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Partners in problem solving

We recognize the power of collective thinking because we see the results of interdisciplinary collaboration first hand. Designers, engineers, and architects, in partnership with clients. Together, we become an effective engine of problem solving. This model of partnership allows us to get beyond the expected, and realize something great, together.


Our measure of success is when we effectively communicate our client's business or mission through the built environment. This means including our clients as collaborative partners in the design process and building long-term trust.

Nicky Poole Senior Associate, Interior Design


Genuine listening, genuine partnerships

Our mission at the beginning of every project is simple: listen. We listen to our clients, immersing ourselves in their priorities until they become our own. We listen to each other, crafting a holistic approach based upon the unique insights offered by all perspectives. From this foundation of shared vision comes enduring partnerships and powerful results.

Meet the BCRA Team:


The BCRA Process


Delivering a Smooth Process

We pride ourselves on effective project management. We love maximizing budgets to help our clients do more with less, and we’ve got the industry experience to help anticipate and eliminate surprises along the way. But sometimes the unforeseen happens, so above all else we are proactive communicators. We’re direct and honest, because we know you can’t build unforgettable spaces without also building trust.

The BCRA Process


Designed to Amaze

Transcending expectations is no easy task. It requires an intelligent process, continual communication, and an unwavering drive to deliver at a high level. We believe that holding ourselves to this standard means that we can consistently delight the clients we partner with.



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