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Rethinking our spaces in a changing world. Designed for the way we live-today and in the future. For every community. For every future.

Our Work

Greater than the sum

Our continual focus on cross-disciplinary collaboration means each individual is elevated by the perspectives and shared knowledge of their peers.


Designing Together

For us, designing together means many minds with diverse perspectives looking at the same problem at the same time. For our clients, it means smart, creative solutions that meet their goals and exceed expectation.


A culture of respect

Whether we’re looking to recruit top talent, foster an atmosphere of open and innovative collaboration, or create positive working relationships with our clients — it all starts with respect. This is perhaps the most hallowed value at BCRA, and we believe it’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

Join Our Team

A strong team depends on dynamic voices, and we’re always looking for new ones to join ours. If working to serve and elevate your community is your goal, you might belong at BCRA.



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2106 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
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Spokane Office

304 W. Pacific Avenue, Suite 210
Spokane, WA 99201

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We want our next collaboration to be with you. Leave us a message here, or call us directly at our Tacoma and Spokane offices.

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