Erath Tasting Room Portland, OR

Designed to Amaze

We aim to amaze our clients every chance we get. We think past the expected into new territory to provide the solution that delights, the detail that surprises, the design that inspires. And the finished space isn't all; the process should delight our clients, too.

A Collaborative Approach

Every client, designer, engineer, architect, and project manager has a voice on our projects. We know that principled collaboration is simply how the best, most inspired work gets done, and we’ve got the experts in-house to provide it on every project. Before a single line is drawn, we consider each unique perspective, including those of the community and user. In this way, we all collaborate to design and deliver something truly special.

our approach

Our Services

With multiple disciplines under one roof, we offer expert service in the following areas.

If you are looking to build a custom home visit BCRA's Elevate.

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When I'm with BCRA, I honestly feel like we're the same team working together to realize a vision that's even better than I had imagined. It's wonderful to have that kind of connection.

Debra McCloskey Creative Services Director, Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Breeze Urgent Care Multiple Locations Across Texas

Grace and Grit

Our work ethic is informed by twin values. One is the mental toughness and strong work ethic owing to our roots in Tacoma; the other is the compassion we extend to our colleagues and client partners. Together, these values make us a motivated and empathetic team, ready to tackle tough challenges and deliver results for our clients. Between grace and grit, you’ll find BCRA.


Belonging and Inclusion

We believe that to advance the human experience through the work that we do, we must strive to understand the cultures, backgrounds, needs, and emotions that shape the people who live in our built environment. We believe to feel respected, supported, and integral to our community each person desires to belong. We hope to see this inclusion accomplished in the actions we take every day. Belonging and Inclusion enhances our culture by amplifying our ability to live out our purpose in our community.


We desire to serve the greater good within the communities where we live and work.

We act with grit as we learn to embrace differences, navigate racial and equity challenges, and correct biases.

We respond with grace to create safe environments where people with diverse backgrounds, heritage, and status can belong without fear.

We commit to a heart of integrity and continual learning as we engage with and learn from our staff, clients, and community.

We aim, with hard work and humility, to help create communities where ALL people flourish.