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March 31, 2021

A Career with Balance

By Tauna Johnson

Who celebrated News Year’s Eve in 2019 and predicted the new year would include a global pandemic, a new job, a new house, and a baby? No, just me?

Just weeks into our COVID-19 new normal, I was offered a job at BCRA. As excited as I was to begin this new role at a new company, in a new industry, in a remote environment, I was nervous about what it was going to look like as a mom supporting remote learning and a wife just 9 months into her marriage. Wait, it gets better. A week after starting, I also learned that we were expecting a baby at the end of the year.

Honestly, I was able to do it because BCRA’s corporate culture allows people to build a career without sacrificing their personal lives. I was recently asked by someone what the best part of our company is, and I quickly responded “BCRA’s acknowledgement that my family matters.” And it’s not just a recruiting statement. They create the conditions so people can create the balance that works for them and the team – without sacrificing their career progression.

Over the last year, I was able to work around things like making my daughter’s lunch during her school day, starting our day with walks to get fresh air, and taking long weekends away to refresh thanks to a flexible work schedule BCRA has always encouraged (not just during a pandemic). During the summer, we were able to still go on family vacations where I could work remotely during hours that worked for our family, which allowed me to save more PTO for when I was on maternity leave. I also never felt pressured to “do more,” as in work 60-70 hour work weeks, which would have left my family without me a lot. Because of that, I worked better when I was working.

Recently, I dropped my 4th grader off for the first day of in-person learning since Spring 2020. As I left the school with tears on my cheeks, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for how the last year has looked for our family, partially in thanks to BCRA.

I spend a decent amount of time on LinkedIn, and I read articles where women share their struggles being a mom in the workforce. The expectations are high, but the support is limited. The juggling act is HARD, and the desire to be your best while wearing all the different hats is real, but it can be done. As I approach my one-year anniversary at BCRA, I am beyond thankful that I have a fulfilling job with tons of growth potential along with a meaningful personal life.

This pandemic has taught me a lot about myself, and being a mother and wife that loves her career is a big part of that. If that resonates with you, find a company like BCRA. They are worth making a career change for. If you have questions about my experience working at BCRA, or as a patent in the workforce, please connect with me through email or on LinkedIn!