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Public Radio Redesigned

If you haven't already heard a podcast at 99% Invisible, you're missing out.

99% Invisible is a popular radio show and podcast about design, architecture and all the thought that goes into the things most people don’t even think about. The stories are engaging and conversational, but have a precise sound design that is multilayered and tightly edited. They’re produced to stand up to multiple listens and reveal more each time they’re heard. The ultimate goal of 99% Invisible is to make radio that inspires mindfulness and wonder in all the things in the built world.

Until now, creator Roman Mars and produced this program on a shoestring budget, in the wee hours of the night at his own home. Thanks to your generous contributions to Kickstarter (its not too late to pony up!!!) 99% Invisable is now publicly funded for years to come. 99% Invisible is npw the highest-funded journalism project in Kickstarter history.

Furthermore, if you help Roman reach his goal to raise over $175,000 (he's nearly there) - he'll hire PRX app team to develop a 99% Invisible smart phone app. (Something amazing like their Radiolab or KCRW Music Mine apps.)

Donate, tune in and join the though-provoking discussion.

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