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April 13, 2020

We Remain Inspired

By Melissa Frey

We love a theme at BCRA. Each year we highlight a different aspect of our core values to guide our thinking and action. Two years ago, we chose gratitude. Last year we focused on being better together. From the music at our staff meetings to the volunteer activities in our community, our theme underlines how we work and think for the year.

We decided 2020, a new decade full of new possibility, is designed to inspire.

The year has changed rapidly and shown us things we never thought we’d see. At times it may seem hard to feel inspired. Yet, every one of us has witnessed or experienced something inspiring in recent weeks.


Adaptability, ingenuity, and serving community seem to be the rising themes – and they directly align with designed to inspire. Click here to learn more.

Join BCRA as we use this time to be inspired in new ways. Check our social media channels for ways in which we’re inspired, and feel free to use the hashtag #DesignedtoInspire2020, to participate in the conversation.