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December 20, 2019

Celebrating 30 Years of People and Places

By Erin Knuth

Our 30th year has been an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve accomplished as a design firm and a workplace. We are proud of the work we’ve done, and particularly proud of the people who have helped us make it all possible.

For us, business is personal. One of our measures of success as a company is how people think about working here. We want everyone to feel professionally challenged, creatively fulfilled, and have the flexibility to strike a favorable work/life balance.

We asked some of the people who have been here the longest to share what they appreciate about working at BCRA.

During her nineteen years, Christine Phillips, registered architect and certified planner, has witnessed the growth of a company that feels like a family. “My favorite thing is the camaraderie and genuine goodwill at BCRA. I like to see the delight that new staff take in not just meeting co-workers but getting to know the BCRA family.”

Teresa Barnum, an accounting associate, believes what differentiates BCRA as a company is, “The heart to make our communities better.” To Teresa, an employee of BCRA for the past fourteen years, the opportunities provided by the company to serve our local communities help define our success while creating a reputation of service within the industry.

For sixteen years, architect Laura Jacobson has seen BCRA change and grow. “We have always maintained a positive culture. I appreciate that we work to create a culture where people can thrive.” This is a philosophy she appreciates as a designer who believes environments, physical and otherwise, can contribute to success and wellbeing.

For others, such as Rod Asa, a construction administrator at BCRA for twenty-two years, the freedom of each person to explore their best way of working contributes to firm success. “I’m doing my part in the art of coordination and collaboration that helps general contractors succeed.” Rod views success through the twin lenses of process and our relationships with industry partners.

Ryan Baltazar, a lead CADD technician for the past twelve years, is an integral member of the civil engineering team. Or, as he puts it, “There’s only one team and that’s Team BCRA.” With a user experience mindset, Ryan gauges success as how effectively we meet the needs of people now and in the future through our projects.

Collectively, as we continue to evolve, we know the value in prioritizing culture, collaboration, and creativity as foundational elements that allow us to create amazing places where our communities flourish. Thanks to all the BCRAers past and present who have helped make us what we are today. Here’s to another 30!