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July 10, 2019

A Brand-forward Workspace Should be a Part of Your Growth Strategy

By Mary Bisenius-Ferguson

No matter where you are in the business lifecycle—from seed funding to Fortune 500—your brand is an integral part of your business strategy, and your workplace should reflect it.

As you position yourself in the market and hire up, the design of your workspace can advance your growth goals if it’s done well and with your brand in mind.

What is a branded environment?

In office spaces, a branded environment is designed to reflect your identity and prioritize how people interact through experiential graphics, finish materials, wayfinding elements, signage, and identity systems. Branding workplaces is the work of interior designers and experiential graphic designers who create space plans and experiential graphics that prompt an emotional response from the people who occupy your space.

Branding your workspace means more than just slapping your logo on the wall above reception and ordering branded mugs for the breakroom. Brand is more than just your logo; your brand is your story. A brand captures attention and embodies the corporate persona. In your workspace, your brand is defined by those details that add up to the feeling people get or the image they conjure when they think of your business. We work with our clients to elevate the user experience and connect them to the space through branded environments.

Why does branding matter in a workspace?

As you start your business, there are a lot of things to consider and pay for, so you may not think that branding the interior space is a top priority—but doing so can pay off.

A branded workspace functions as a storytelling device in your office. You can communicate your origin story, corporate values, vision for the future, or whatever else you want people to understand about your brand. Activating your space with experiential and branded elements also engages your employees. These design elements help boost your bottom line by generating buzz in your industry and amplifying your internal culture, which helps with retention and engagement.

Just as important, branded elements in your workspace can be scaled as your business grows. Engaging a design team early can help you build your brand in a unique and authentic way that doesn’t break the bank. A thoughtful design that reflects your brand will reaffirm the purpose of the space and connect people to your vision, so consider the value that can have on your business.