Point Defiance Pagoda


Point Defiance Pagoda

Metro Parks Tacoma

Tacoma, WA

11,000 sf

The Pagoda, a treasured part of Point Defiance Park, was severely damaged by a fire in 2011. Significant structural and restoration work was necessary to repair the historic fabric of this treasured community asset. Innovative structural engineering designs, such as core-drilled steel in the walls and a reinforced floor, led to the team’s being able to reuse much of the Pagoda’s original materials and preserving the beloved look. The team’s effort even restored the cupola and mock streetcar tracks; features which had been lost.

Structural repairs and seismic upgrades to the heavy timber trusses and brick masonry were also performed. Over 7,000 roof tiles were hand-cleaned and set back into place. The balance of the restoration included renovations to the historic plaza behind the building, ADA and minor energy code upgrades, and mechanical and electrical system improvements. Multipurpose spaces and a catering kitchen were also added on the lower level to further enhance usage of the facility.

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