Pantages Theater Renovation


Pantages Theater Renovation

Tacoma Arts Live

Tacoma, WA

This historic theater underwent a significant renovation for its centennial. The first phase upgraded the hard legs of the stage, which allowed for additional capacity to the stage for programs such as full orchestra, ballet, large plays, and operas. This renovation also improved the circulation path to the stage by adding clearance and backstage storage. Next we completed restoration of the wood windows and terracotta façade. The non-historic, single-pane glazing was removed and replaced with doublepane insulated glass to provide more efficient thermal and acoustic separation.

In the final phase, we replaced the seats and reconfigured the floor, including the aisles and rake, for better sightlines to the stage. Restoration of ornamental plaster and paint found at the ceiling and walls will also include a reintroduction of historic motifs. An addition to the Annex portion of the theater complex extends the equipment loading area and adds staff offices. A comprehensive renovation to the Donor Lounge, which enhanced a much-needed amenity for patrons, creates a secondary board room.

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