Ojo Encino Day School


Ojo Encino Day School

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Albuquerque District & Bureau of Indian Affairs via Alutiiq, LLC

Cuba, NM

53,000 sf

This Design-Build replacement school accommodates 280 students. The building layout is based on Navajo traditional and cultural directives including facing the building eastward and orienting the building around the cardinal points of the compass using Navajo representative colors for each direction, in homage to the Native American Circle of Life. The entry foyer also features a representation of a Navajo hogan structure.

During construction, the existing school remained operational and is now available for other uses as the new school is complete.  Post contract award the Owner requested relocation of the bus garage and water tower. BCRA worked closely with the Owner to select a new location and quickly submit revised design documents to the Contractor to avoid delay. 

BCRA provided Architectural Design, Interior Design (SID and CID), Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, Sustainable Design Services and Air Barrier Consulting and Testing Services.

This project achieved LEED Silver Certification. 

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