Hospital of the Future: Center for Wellness


Hospital of the Future: Center for Wellness

Kaiser Permanente

Southern California

30 acres

As an opportunity to share our vision of the future of acute health care, BCRA responded to a worldwide design competition for Kaiser Permanente.

With the understanding that hospital services get small and that community services can combine to present a campus-approach, BCRA focused on integration, strengthening the environment, embracing the self, and encouraging communities to thrive. The model challenges the design philosophies of today’s modern hospitals by using patient perspective and layering new principles of asset efficiency, patient flow, and centralized care to assure affordable solutions. It challenges traditional form by "opening the box" to community and embracing the positive benefits of nature. 

The five-floor design expands on proven benefits of in-patient and specialty care adjacencies. At the core, this lean design maintains the operational conditions required to keep the cost of care low by eliminating redundancies and unused spaces.

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