Harry Sprinker Recreation Center


Harry Sprinker Recreation Center

Pierce County Parks and Recreation

Spanaway, WA

74,000 sf

This aging recreation center was in need of complete renovation due to ongoing system failures. When faced with a potential closure due to lack of funds to complete the necessary renovations, Pierce County turned to BCRA for a design solution.

Our solution was a low-emissivity paint on the underside of a new metal deck in the roof. The low-emissivity paint was cheaper, easier to apply and maintain, and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional fabric membrane systems, and it also decreases long-term operating costs because it diminishes evaporation from the ice surface. Ultimately, BCRA's efforts on Sprinker Recreation Center resulted in a 49.8 percent reduction in energy and $98,000 in energy, water, and sewer costs. Learn what this savings means means from Pierce County Executive, Pat McCarthy, via our news release.

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