Central Washington University Science Facility


Central Washington University Science Facility

Central Washington University

Ellensburg, WA

154,608 sf

Design of this facility, which houses the biology, chemistry, and science education departments, and hosts both undergraduate and graduate students, had a very specific programmatic challenge. The distinct areas between study and research labs necessitated separate mechanical zones to ventilate the two areas and was the basis for one of the most innovative design aspects of his new construction project. Our solution for this technical requirement was a beautiful architectural answer; an award-winning science bridge that symbolizes the blend of art and science, along with a stunning atrium that is a focal point for the building. The exterior of this science facility seamlessly integrates into the university's traditional aesthetic.

BCRA’s history with Central Washington University has proven their ability to address the university’s short term and long term challenges.” - Bill Yarwood, (Former) Assistant Vice President for Facilities, CWU

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