Brookville Gardens


Brookville Gardens

City of Fife

Fife, WA

15 acres

The City of Fife partnered with BCRA to create a community park where residents can enjoy passive recreation opportunities on a fifteen-acre site adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

Included in the site design are a thematic play area reflecting the sites history as a farm, two picnic shelters, a large plaza, a restroom building, and a custom bench fabricated from a train axle. Natural materials and shed roofs evoke a classic Northwest feel. All of the park’s structures incorporate green roofs for enhanced sustainability, which was a priority for City of Fife. Other sustainable stormwater management features include a porous asphalt parking lot and bioretention cells to provide water quality treatment to all runoff from the site.

BCRA provided seven interpretive signs that inform visitors about wildlife, local ecology, and the history of the area. An information kiosk and entry signage incorporates City branding while quietly informing visitors about using the property.

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