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Viva via di il ponte

In southern Italy, a bridge still stands in Salerno-Reggio Calabria. It is currently facing possible destruction, and a team of architects took charge to create a way to not only save the site but make the most of it. Samuel Nageotte, OFF Architecture, and PR Architects joined forces to propose a set of vertical villages stacked on top of one another under the bridge.

Inspired by the antique roadway, Solar Park South consists of a system of bridges and tunnels. The public bridge areas would connect public spaces such as cultural centers, lounge decks, and indoor and outdoor shops, while the tunnels would handle water tanks, parking, and other unsightly details.


The team not only aims to use as little construction cost and material as possible, but also sees the development acting as a sustainable eco-village. Rain water would be collected by the decks and filtered down into barrels for consumption, cleaning, and cooking, while nearby volcanic Mt. Etna could geothermally warm the whole place!

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