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Shipping Containers + Vegas = Flaming Praying Mantis?

Repurposed design with shipping containers is well, not all that new. Then again, if you mix panoramic views with renderings and club music…. you may be on track for shipping containers that just got ‘vegas-ized.’ Insert…

The thought of slapping cargo containers in the Las Vegas strip is intriguing, perhaps demonstrative of a city on steroids yearning for a hippy-do-gooder-urban-revitalization note. The Downtown Container Park says identifies the need well; "Most urban revitalization efforts start with crumbling buildings that can be repurposed. Downtown Las Vegas is different. Rather than being filled with empty buildings, we have a lot of empty land."

Enter Industrial chic. 1 acre, 35 units…with an aspiration to bring professionals to live in the city. The empty land may be the "biggest obstacle to the community’s plans for redevelopment. There are so many entrepreneurs here with great ideas for new businesses–there’s just no place for their businesses to go. Until new buildings are completed, which can be a long process, we need spaces to make magic happen faster."

"To do that, we’re employing what has been described as flexible urbanism. We’re tranforming an underused, high value urban area by installing repurposed shipping containers and Xtreme Cubes, which are manufactured locally, to house small businesses such as cafes, boutiques, bars, galleries, and more. These plans will incorporate community space, outdoor seating, and children’s play area to activate the center of our neighborhood."

Kudos to an development that understands “central to any community, is a place of gathering.”  -Ted Robbins. "With an outdoor stage and green space, Downtown Container Park will host a wide variety of events such as music, community theater, spoken word, lectures, fashion shows, and more."

Also, at the heart of this Downtown Container Park is "a one-of-a-kind interactive play area for children. The play area is a healthy, interactive environment where both children and adults can have fun. Play is important at any age. The play area also incorporates Imagination Playground  Blocks, which enable children to enjoy unstructured play while unleashing their creativity. This play space is designed to evolve over time, providing new opportunities for excitement for returning visitors."

Throw in a flaming Praying Mantis and a glowing dome and this could just be a Jackpot.

Enjoy Ted Robbin’s take on NPR…

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