By: BCRAstaff

It pays to be liked.

As read in the Atlantic Cities, the Urban Land Institute knows “a community’s appeal drives economic prosperity." Through America's growth over the past half century, many of the world’s cities and towns have gone from “the unique to the uniform, and from the stylized to the standardized." The article goes on to indicate traditional American suburbs are near carbon-copies of each other; due to a streamlined process of building materials, architectural styles, corporate standards, and outdoor media presence.

Call this the 'goodness' effect... an individual's call to action within a community can result in economic gains or even sustainability. As citizens, we tend to give back and contribute to communities that we can tie an emotional response to. Happiness and prosperity are linked. As we navigate today's financial climate as design professionals – how can we strive to uphold these values? Read the full article at the Atlantic Cities.

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