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Washington Parks and Recreation Today

Investigative Science Saves a Valued Community Ice Arena

Featured in Washington Parks and Recreation Today; BCRA's Lee Durston and Kent McClaren share the process that led Sprinker Ice Arena's transformation.

"With lack of funding available for a project of this size, the building was scheduled for closure. Public outcry in the press led the county to seek alternative ideas to save Sprinker. Tacoma Design firm BCRA, along with PCS Structural Solutions, offered a “second opinion” of the facility, to see what could be done. BCRA’s team conducted testing using modern investigative techniques, highlighted by infrared scanning. They found a perfect storm of conditions present that were causing the building to fail. In extreme indoor environments, such as ice arenas, huge pressures are put on the building’s envelope. When those forces are not properly designed for, the affects can be catastrophic. Such was the case with Sprinker."

BCRA's Building Science tested for air tightness, mechanical system performance, and the refrigeration of the ice slab - which resulted in on-budget improvements, and a eager community to enjoy the arena. 

Download and read the full article (pages 12 & 13) of WPRA Today below. 

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