By: BCRAstaff

French Press in a pinch

With many coffee lovers in the office, and the select few that even bring thier own brewing gear to work... we had to share this coffee packaging that lets you brew gourmet coffee within it, and dispose of it easily.

via DesignTaxi, the "‘Coffeebrewer’ is described by the company as a hybrid between a filter dripmaker and French press. It contains a filter with 26 grams of ground specialty coffee that lets you brew up to 3 cups of coffee.All you need to do it open it, pour 500 ml of hot water, and let it brew for 5 to 8 minutes. According to the company, “the unique brewing system is designed to preserve the coffee’s natural oils” and enable “perfect extraction”—as hot water interacts with coffee grounds and extract the aroma. This enhances the delicate flavors and finer aromas of the coffee, which can only be achieved using a French press." 

Not the most eco-friendly solution, but we applaud this innovative on-the-go option to keep us caffeinated.

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