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Design for London

With the Olympic games looming, we can't help but appreciate all the city planning and preparation it takes to host such a momentous occasion. We recently stumbled upon a awesome site to check out:Design for London. The establishment is "a design resource for London. A small team within the Greater London Authority, we work on behalf of the Mayor of London. The main focus of our work is supporting boroughs, other local players, and project deliverers to shape a better city. We help them think about the future and make plans. We help steer developments and collaborate to influence how places change. We help conceive, evolve and deliver projects. The Design for London team gets out there, with sleeves rolled up, supporting good place shaping in localities across the city."

Take some time and explore the innovate and menagerie of diverse ideas and design solutions on their site. Organized by tag of neighborhoods, boroughs, and landmarks it seems no stone was left unturned. 


Tags: London / planning

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