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BCRA recognized for innovative stucco system at Madison Elementary School.

Daily Journal of Commerce
May 2, 2014
By Journal Staff

Miller & Sons applied a stucco system to the exterior of Madison Elementary School.

Location: Olympia

Contractor: Miller & Sons

Architect: BCRA

Team: BASF Wall Systems; Commencement Bay Construction Products; The Supply Guy; Amico; Owens Corning; VaproShieldMiller & Sons faced a challenging project in restoring Madison Elementary School.

The school was housed in a poorly designed building that had water infiltration at the roof where there were no flashings or soffit overhangs. This allowed wind-driven rain to run down the wall, penetrating and destroying caulk joints.

The Miller team, working with a bold design from BCRA, put together a stucco job that is aesthetically pleasing but also functional — with a fluid-applied, weather-resistive barrier, continuous rigid insulation and a mechanical drainage plane. The stucco work has the lath attached securely to the framing with Zink trims, expansion joints and corner beads.

The project was finished with four-coat wet work and foam pop-outs covered with Panzer mesh; Senergy Alfa base coat and reinforcing mesh; second skim coat; and Senergy acrylic finish. Clean lines at trims and corners round out this detailed project.

Judge’s comment: “The recladding of this project not only provides a beautiful exterior finish but is also very functional and energy-efficient. The attention to detail in redesign and exceptional workmanship resulted in an incredible finished product.”

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