By: BCRAstaff

BCRA launches new site for military partnership

BCRA recently launched a new website for the South Sound Military and Communities Partnership (SSMCP). The Partnership, formed in 2011, is a regional collaboration of the public and private sector dedicated to building thriving military communities. Like any new organization, raising awareness and providing clarity to the mission was an important objective of the Partnership during its first full year of operation.

As the lead design and communication consultant supporting SSMCP, BCRA designed a new website,, to capture the essence of the organization. More importantly, the design team felt additional emphasis should be placed on the Partnership's already-stellar record of community successes. The website was designed around the ways in which SSMCP was positively affecting the community's support of military families and economic development.

This new site ties in RSS subscription, event management, a customized content management system (CMS), and numerous modules that allow content to be categorized and prioritized by type and importance easily by Partnership staff.

Visit the new site at



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