College Student Program

As a firm, BCRA is committed to supporting college students in their journey into a professional career. To stay connected to us, we encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn to learn about upcoming webinars, meet and greet opportunities, and internship opportunities. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please send Jeni Enslin or Tauna Johnson a message through the “Talk to us” form on our Contact page.


Apply for a Summer 2022 Internship:

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Key Dates:


October: Fall College Career Fairs

November: BCRA Career Week 2021 and Interviews

December: First Round Offers


January/February: Winter College Career Fairs

March: Interviews

April: Second Round Offers

June/July: Begin Internship



BCRA Career Week 2021, November 15-17

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We are offering three days of sessions that cover everything from what to put on your resume/LinkedIn to what you SHOULD expect from an internship at a firm like BCRA. We hope you’ll join us for this annual event, led by team leaders in each discipline.