Join us for BCRA Career Week 2021!

Are you a college student or a recent grad within the last two years?

Are you looking for information on joining the A&E industry,
or what it would be like to intern at an architecture/engineering firm?

November 15-17, 1:30-3:30p PDT each day
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We are offering three days of sessions that cover everything from what to put on your resume/LinkedIn to what you SHOULD expect from an internship at a firm like BCRA. We hope you’ll join us for this annual event, led by team leaders in each discipline. By registering, you are enrolled in all three sessions.



“From the first day I felt very welcomed by everyone, and I could tell they had a genuine interest in getting to know me. The architecture field can feel very intimidating, but everyone at BCRA encouraged me to ask questions so working here never felt overwhelming.

Having the chance to see all these fields work together made the work much faster. It also gives you a certainty that the work you’re doing is well-informed and there’s always someone you can reach out to.”


“Being a part of the BCRA team is a unique experience. It was so valuable to learn from professionals in my discipline as well as others in the office. My internship was all about communication, asking questions, listening, and absorbing as much as I could.

As an intern, I felt valued and cared for, and I know everyone I was working with had my best interest in my mind and wanted to make my experience as diverse and interesting as possible. I developed my skills to be a better landscape architect but more importantly, I truly believe I became a better person with more confidence in my abilities and a stronger grasp of the bright future ahead.”