Join us for BCRA Career Week 2023!


Our event has been postponed.

Are you a college student or a recent grad within the last two years?

Are you looking for information on joining the A&E industry,
or what it would be like to intern at an architecture/engineering firm?

We are offering three days of sessions that cover everything from what to put on your resume/LinkedIn to what you SHOULD expect from an internship at a firm like BCRA. We hope you’ll join us for this annual event, led by team leaders in each discipline. By registering, you are enrolled in all three sessions.


Intern Quote

“The culture of BCRA is not just a quote you hear once for marketing purposes; every employee is a testament to their mission statement and belief in the concept of “better together.” The employees’ work ethic and compassion are a representation of the grace and grit BCRA was built on.”  – Yessenia


“If someone were to ask, I would emphatically recommend an internship here at BCRA.  I felt respected as an individual when it comes to managing my time and work, which has not always been the case in other positions I have taken.  BCRA gave me the opportunity to absorb so much information pertaining to the field, and I would suggest that my peers seek this exposure as well.”   – Spencer


Intern Quote

“As a person, I was able to really grow to understand how important creating bonds and conversions is. This internship overall made me appreciate a lot more about architecture than I initially came in with. It helped me learn a new side of detail-oriented architecture that I wouldn’t have fully learned during my time in school while also connecting with currently practicing architects and hearing more about their journeys and perspectives, which is why I would recommend my classmates to apply for this internship.”   – Hayoung


“The efforts that are put in to curate a thoughtful and impactful internship experience can be easily seen and makes the time spent here at BCRA that much more special.” – Alex